Cool Tire Covers

cool tire covers

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Stiff Little Fingers, 1981 album art

Stiff Little Fingers, 1981 album art

Not for any reason I felt like uploading a scan of one of my favorite album covers... Stiff Little Fingers' 1981 album, "Go For It."

It makes one sentimental for the days when people really thought and cared about album art.

In 1984 I owned a black leather jacket, on the back of which I hand-painted a rendering of the "Go For It" kid, as seen above. It was just the kid, in white against the black leather, without the buildings and stuff, and it looked pretty cool.

By the time I got rid of that leather jacket, the back of it had accrued about a half-inch of paint from my applying and reapplying different band logos and whatnot. When I got tired of a design I would blot out the entire thing with black spray-paint, then hand-paint in acrylic whatever new logo or livery was striking my fancy at the moment. The various symbols and graffiti included Misfits skulls, a Husker Du logo, even a Crass logo at one point.

I was such a poseur. But I guess it was fun.

In early 1986 I finally got rid of that jacket. I sold it to a kid in Kenmore Square for $35.

Getting back to Stiff Little Fingers and "Go For It" the album isn't as good, or as raucous, at the group's earlier stuff, but it contains a couple of brilliant songs, my favorite of which is "Picadilly Circus."

I think "PC" is one of the best crime victim songs ever written... right up there with the Jam's "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" and Stiff Little Fingers earlier cover of Bob Marley's "Johnny Was."

i had the blues so bad one time it put my face in a permanent frown 32/365 YIP

i had the blues so bad one time it put my face in a permanent frown   32/365 YIP

-taj majal

Monday was not a good day for the family. Q, who had been starting some mild coughing/ etc. was really bad sun into mon- he and I sat upright together most of the night. steam shower, nebulizer, cough medicine, motrin... the works. took out my handy dandy stethescopy and thought I heard some crackles, which I know is not good. got him an appt to see the doc. my husband makes a courtesy call to see how the boy is, and while talking to him I pass the thermostat which is reading 62 degrees. I had thought it felt kinda cool... but i was sleep deprived, so thought it was just me. I make a quick run downstairs to find the furnace is running, but nothing is coming out. quick off phone with hubby (who is going to cancel class- a rare occurence) and run to doctor. Doctor informs me that the boy indeed has pnemonia. grand.... back home the hubby informs me that indeed the heater is broken and we're looking at multiple thousands to replace it... in the morning. pack up all kids to go to swimming and then nest at my sisters house with sick kid and my bad attitude. *sigh* that is NOT a monday I ever want to see again :)

at least we didn't sleep at the house, which was 45 degrees this am! and thank goodness it was mild last night- I had visions of broken pipes :) see..there IS a silver lining.... hahahaha.

cool tire covers

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