Discount tire price. Motorcycle tyre change. Black rims tires.

Discount Tire Price

discount tire price

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Picture 090

Picture 090


The sale price $ 17000

(I just changed 4 new wheels at Discount Tire America's Tire Co. It has free tires maintain service during in 60,000 miles as like for Tire Rotation and Pressure Check? and etc. )

Moreover, I just completed to maintain 60,000 miles mechanical maintain service.

Looks new, is in excellent mechanical condition and needs no reconditioning.

Equipment as below:-
Air Conditioning Cassette Leather
Power Steering Multi Compact Disc Dual Power Seats
Power Windows Dual Front Air Bags Rear Spoiler
Power Door Locks Front Side Air Bags Privacy Glass
Telescopic Wheel Head Curtain Air Bag Alloy Wheels
Cruise Control ABS (4-Wheel)
AM/FM Stereo Traction Control

and extra Sport Pkg, Roof Rack and
Bose Premium Sound Power Sun Roof


Flat tire from chasing a VW Bus!

Flat tire from chasing a VW Bus!

We popped a tire while chasing a VW Bus to take its picture! It got away, but luckily we found a new one that we'd never seen before. $16 later at Discount Tires, we had a brand new tire. I highly suggest the Warranty they offer on their tires; well worth the price!

discount tire price

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