Good Used Tires Atlanta. 22 Inch Tire Sizes. Motorcycle Tire Size.

Good Used Tires Atlanta

good used tires atlanta

  • a siege in which Federal troops under Sherman cut off the railroads supplying the city and then burned it; 1864

  • state capital and largest city of Georgia; chief commercial center of the southeastern United States; was plundered and burned by Sherman's army during the American Civil War

  • The capital of the state of Georgia in the US, in northwest central Georgia; pop. 416,474. It was burned by Union forces under Gen. William T. Sherman in 1864 during the Civil War

  • Atlanta (, ) is the capital and most populous city in the State of Georgia, USA. Atlanta had an estimated population of about 540,900 people. Its metropolitan area is the ninth largest in the country, inhabited by more than 5.4 million people.

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inspiration has been running low lately, along with energy and motivation. I've just felt exhausted the past week but haven't found time to sleep or simply haven't been able to sleep. it's annoying because I can't be productive if I'm tired all day. plus, I keep getting this multi-hour headaches which inhibit productivity as well.

I did manage to clean the apartment this weekend. I washed the bathroom rugs, swept, vacuumed, washed and changed my sheets, washed the blankets in the living room, cleaned off the dining room table. lots of stuff. I also finished watching season ("series" in brit-speak) 2 of robin hood (BBC America). such a good show. I hate that I don't have moderation about things sometimes. when I first saw buffy, I literally sat down and watched the first season in one sitting. I just get to into it, it's like an addiction or something.

anyway, I failed to do any homework whatsoever. I've got a major midterm in a little over a week and I haven't a clue what's going to be on it. makes me a little nervous. plus, I need to be starting all my research papers very soon. monday is always a good day because I'm done at 2 (in contrast to my other days when I'm done at 4 at the earliest, after 5 other days) and one of my classes is canceled, so maybe I can spend some time homeworking then.

I really do love my girls, even if they use me as a pillow all the time. nitelite insists on curling up on me anytime I'm sitting or laying down. cute, but annoying. cleo likes to snuggle up a bit as well. I love it when she flops her head around to look at me. so.cute.!!

looking forward to a busy but productive week. I've got a lot on my plate to get done and I'm determined to get at least two applications written, two papers started, and at least two chapters done in my GRE study book before nov. 1. stay posted!

White on White : Atlanta :USA

White on White : Atlanta :USA

I am so tired I can hardly stay awake......... This pic is weird...... I'll tell you all about it later Tuesday morning EST......... right now I've gotta sleep......... have a guess at what you think you re eeing....... and how we did it!................

Got to Sleep Cheers JezzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

Next Morning.......... Tuesday 11AM EST ........ Ah yes I feel a bit better now....... where was I?

Oh yeah this drive in studio is set up to automatically shoot all round and 3D images.......

So that each car with all its specific individual characteristics like different wheels and transfers etc can be shown as it is.........

The studio set up up operates automatically.

So to shoot this I did the strobe readings using a flash meter then kept the shutter open in the complete darkness between bursts of flash from the studio gear.

So you have to compose the picture in complete darkness open the shutter wait for the studio to do its thing....... i.e. photograph the car using strobe....... you then close the shutter........ although you are using a slow shutter speed ...... the effective exposure is the instant exposure provided by the strobe.

The only hard thing is to compose the image in complete darkness......... and not have an epileptic fit in the bursts of light....... certainly people effected by strobing light would have found being in this darkness to bright flash light over and over a bit of a problem!

Cheers guys Jez XXXXXX

good used tires atlanta

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